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Aztec Drawings

How did the Aztecs write?

Aztecs writing was actually an art form or drawing. Each word in their language was represented by symbols of the certain thing. Artists were in high demand because the Aztec drawings had to be very specific to be able to be understood and read. There were specific people trained in the art of drawing the Aztec symbols. They were called picture writers and the highest ranking ones accompanied the king on all his royal duties and meetings. They often travelled to the other nations within the Mexica people to take treaties and bear gifts for the other kings. There were also Aztecs that went to war for the sake of documenting how the battles went. Aztec warrior drawings were coveted by the king, as they gave them much needed insight as to how to fight the next battles. Aztec drawings were important also for the sake of making maps. They definitely needed to know how to get from one point to the other, and they often times needed to know different routes so that if they needed to make stops on the way, get there quicker, etc. The drawings and maps that the travelling Aztecs would make helped them in every way. Aztec drawings were also important for keeping public records and government documentation. The Aztec picture drawings were very precise, allowing them to be very detailed in all the reports they made. As you can see, the Aztec Indian pictures were a vital part of society for many reasons.

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