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Aztec Gods

All about the Aztec Indians of Mexico and their gods and goddesses

The Aztecs were a monotheist people, meaning they worshipped more than one god. To them, nature itself was a god, and every flower, the sky, water, earth, and even feelings were guided and ruled by a specific god. The Aztec gods and goddesses were each given a special day and depending on the day and month of a persons' birth, was named their patron god; much like a patron saint to the Catholic faith. Aztec gods and goddesses ruled the Aztec world. They would pray to Tlaloc, the god of the sky and storms when they needed their crops to grow. They would hold a feast in his honor and pray to him with song and dance. They also had certain priests that were able to communicate certain gods. These were the ones who lead the rituals and the festivities. Some religious festivals were held only during th day, some only at night, and some were three day events. All the Aztec gods hold a certain significance in the Aztec's day to day life. There were the most important gods, like Qutezalcoatl and Huitilopochtli, who had their own days and huge festivals, and then there were the lesser gods like Tlaloc and Coatlicue, who might have had a day long festival. Aztec gods and religion were a major part of Aztec life, and very well the cornerstone of their existence. Everything that they did, the food they ate, they were thankful because the gods gave them the crops, the sunny day, or the wind to cool off the hot days.

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