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Aztec Temples

Aztec temples and their many uses.

Aztec temples were a large party of the Aztec society. Temples were built for places to worship. Only Aztecs of high standards could enter to pray to the god or goddess that it was for. Of course, the Aztec priests were allowed at any time. The temples were built as massive structures in the name of a certain god or goddess and were used to pray, pay homage, and perform rituals for that certain god or goddess. At Teotihuacan, there is the pyramid of the Moon and one of the Sun. For Teotihuacan, these are their major temples. There are also lesser temples down the road, but these are the largest, and were probably used more for ceremonies than the others.

Aztec ceremonial temples are "step pyramids" essentially, there are stairs going up two sides of the temple. Each temple supposedly was for a god and goddess. Like Tlaloc, the god of rain, and the goddess Chalchihuitlicue, of streams and rivers had a temple together. So depending on which one they were going to worship, they took different stairs. There were the shrines at the top of the temples for the different Aztec gods. The temples were also adorned with large stone carvings for snakes, thought to protect the temple from evil spirits. Historians say that the temples were intricately painted, because there are still some traces of paint left in some places. Aztec temples are still visited today for some people with spiritual beliefs. I do remember when I was atop the pyramid of the sun, all of sudden, out of nowhere there was a huge, almost swarm of butterflies. It gave me cold chills and it was about 85 degrees that day!

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