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Aztec Warriors

Aztec warriors and their lives

Aztec warriors must have been a sight to see. The pride and determination of an Aztec warrior was not easily shaken or made less. The life of all great Aztec warriors begins at a very young age. Depending on their station in society, warriors were often chosen from birth. They underwent training starting at a very young age, and progressed in skill mastery for the rest of their days as a warrior. They had to know all about the different weaponry and how to use it in the most effective way. The Aztecs trained long hard hours to master their skill. Aztec warriors were not considered to be real warriors until they had captured the enemy. When a warrior caught his first prisoner, then he was truly a warrior. They were broken up into groups, much like the platoons and brigades of modern day armies. Each group was responsible for a certain task, be it look out, ambushers, fighters, or the group that helped in a retreat.

The life of an Aztec warrior was much like a soldier's life today. They went through ongoing extensive training, all the time perfecting their skills in the art of war. There were many different ranks, the highest being the eagle knights and the jaguar knights. These warriors' uniform was more like a costume. They would don feathers, a headdress with eyes and a beak like the eagle, complete with talons. The jaguar knights would wear the skin of a jaguar, claws on their shoes, and paint their face to look as menacing as the jaguar. These were the most coveted warriors, and the retired high ranking warriors often worked in the king's court or held a position within the royal circle for payment for their years of dedication.

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