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Fiesta De Los Rábanos

Radish festival? You bet ya!

Rabanos is the word for radish in Spanish, and they have a festival for it! The Festival de los Rabanos is December 23rd every year. In Zoocalo, the down town plaza of Mexico City, artists from all over the country enter the radish carving contest in hopes of winning the 10,000 prize. All the art has to be original, and be of 100% radishes. All of the art is displayed for the crowd to see. The judges walk around rating the different works of art while the nervous artists spray their works of art with misters to keep the red skins shiny and the leaves from wilting. The Festival de los Rabanos is a sight to see, really â€" you'd be surprised at how many really neat things that people come up with and can create from radishes!

As is with every Mexican festival, it wouldn't be complete without music, food, and drink! There are always rows and rows of food vendors at the Festival de los Rabanos, as well as drink stands where you can get atole, hot chocolate, or other beverages. Live music is almost always set up to play right in the center of the crowd. The winner is announced that the end of the night in front of everyone in the crowd. The Festival de los Rabanos really is a big deal, and is lots of fun to go to â€" I had fun, and you don't even have to like radishes!

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