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Mexican Names & Last Names

Are you looking for the perfect Mexican Names?

Throughout the years, In Mexico, the name of a newborn child has been occasion of joy happiness and, sometimes, fighting between the new Mom and Dad. Name choosing in Mexico has been kept very strict over the years and the generations but rarely do parents agree on the name that will be given to their new kid.

While choosing the name, Mexican people often do one of the following: if it is a boy, name him after the Dad or the dad’s father, if it is a girl, name her after mom or “la suegra” (Mother in law) which is usually not very well taken by Dad.

Often the kids are given two names the first one being, in many cases Jesus or Jose (on boys, obviously) and Maria or Guadalupe on girls; therefore it is no surprise that the most common Mexican names are Jose, Jesus, Maria and Guadalupe.

Or leave it to luck, there are still some people that name their kids after the day they were born, for instance, if the boy was born on June 24th, the name will be Juan, or is the girl is born on December 12 the name is Guadalupe, this is one of the reason why we can still find Mexican names such as Eustaquio or Eulogio (no matter how you try and pronounce it, you will probably get it wrong).

The most common Mexican last names are probably Perez and/or Lopez (it is something like the Smiths for the American people).

One thing that characterizes the Mexican names is the beautiful Mexican girl names like Citlalli which is Aztec for “star” or Tlazohtzin which means “he who is loved”, although this beautiful tradition is quickly losing the names battle to all the “new” Jennifers, Jaquelines or “braians” and “yonis” (no need to check for spelling, that is actually how many parents name their kids nowadays. (sigh).

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