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Mexico Urban Legends

Mexico urban legends: the good, the bad, and the just plain funny!

Mexican urban legends run the gamut from La Chupa Cabra (a wolf like creature that drains livestock of their blood) to La Llorona (a crying woman that killed her kids) to El Cucuy (a monster hiding in dark rooms in houses) to La Pasqualita (a bride that died on her wedding day) of course, they are not true, but they are fun to tell. It's sort of like how we talk about the Boogie Man, the Sand Man, and Bloody Mary. Actually, I don't even know where these legends came from either! They are just stories that get embellished over the years that kids tell each other at sleep overs and around camp fires. I almost think that El Cucuy is a way to get kids to behave because too many a time, I have heard parents/grand parents tell kids that they better be good or "Te lleva El Cucuy!" the Cucuy will get you!

Mexican urban legends are just like any other â€" some with origins, like La Llorona. It is said that she was the Indian wife of a Spanish soldier and no one approved of their marriage or their kids (which might have been very possible in the 1600/1700s, so she went to the river and murdered her children, then took her own life. The urban legend says that God asked her where her kids were, and didn't tell Him what happened, so she was sentenced to wander the earth until she found them. The Cucuy, I don't think has any truth to it â€" he's like the boogieman. The urban legends of Mexico are just that â€" urban legends. They have hardly any truth to them at all!

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