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Recipes For Virgin Straberry Margarita

Strawberry Margarita Recipe

Are you having a barbeque or pool party this summer and want to step up the cool factor a notch? Beer is just so boring, and lemonade is played out. You need a good strawberry margarita recipe, and your friend at Mex Adventure are going to give you a great one you can use and impress your friends and your next party or get together! Strawberry margaritas are refreshing, delicious, and if you want to get technical, a great source of vitamin C. And vitamin T, if you count the tequila…

Your basic strawberry margarita recipe is based on the basics…basically (ok, ok, onto the recipe) You’ll need tequila, orange flavored liquor, ice, fresh strawberries, (please don’t use a cheesy syrup or other strawberry flavored powder or anything – it totally kills the drink) lemon and lime juice, orange flavored liquor, salt, and fancy margarita glasses. Blend the strawberries with a little water in a blender. Salt the rims of the glasses by rubbing a lime wedge around the rim and placing the glass in a plate of salt. Add the ice to the glass. In a shaker, put some ice, one and a half ounces of tequila, one ounce of orange flavored liquor, one ounce of lemon/lime juice, and one ounce of the strawberry mix and shake it really well, then pour it over the ice in the glass. Repeat with more glasses till you have a tray full of beautiful strawberry margaritas for everyone! If you’re looking for a virgin strawberry margarita recipe, just take out the tequila and orange flavored liquor, and there you have it – a fresh strawberry margarita recipe to use at will!

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