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Traditional Mexican Drinks

Traditional Mexican drinks cover the gamut from cocktails to go with appetizers to margaritas to flavored waters to Mexican coffees and all their different variations. Traditional Mexican drinks go back to the Aztec times, when they made Atole, a drink made from corn starch and served mostly for breakfast like oatmeal. The Aztecs also were the first to make hot chocolate, which nowadays is not a traditional Mexican drink, but a drink enjoyed round the world! Today traditional Mexican drinks include tequila, the most traditional Mexican drink, made from the agave plant. The apeterif sangrita, (not to be confused with Sangria, a Spanish wine beverage made with fruits) made from tomatoes, fresh lime juice and orange juice, onions, salt and hot chili peppers. It is often served with a shot of tequila, and a shot of lime juice. This is called a bandera, or a flag because it represents the color of the Mexican flag. Another traditional Mexican drink is the margarita, made with tequila, lime juice, and a host of variants, it is now famous all over the world. Mexico is famous for it’s beers and aguas frescas, traditional drinks made from fruit, water, and sugar.

The most forgotten traditional Mexican drinks are the multitude of coffees they have. There is café de olla, coffee from the kettle, made with cinnamon, piloncillo, and anise seeds. What they call cafй Mexicano, super strong coffee with tequila in it. There’s also Mexican coffee made with chocolate and cinnamon, a more traditional Aztec drink!

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