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What Are Different Types Of Mexican Food

The types of Mexican food are abundant. In each region of Mexico, they grow different crops, and being near the ocean plays a large factor in the diet of the various regions. “What are the different types of Mexican food?” you might be asking yourself. Well, I am going to explain them to you.

Real true Mexican food does not include casseroles or baked enchiladas of any kind. That is Tex Mex, a variation we’ve put on their food for the sake of throwing together an easy meal! In northwest Mexico, (including Baja California North and South, and coastal Sonora and Sinaloa) and the Gulf region (Vera Cruz) and the Caribbean (Yucatan, Quintana Roo) the diet is largely sea food. The Sea of Cortez provides some of the best shrimp and oysters on the planet. On the Pacific Ocean side, lobster and crab is a large part of the diet. Corn, asparagus, tomatoes, and potatoes are the main veggies here. In north central Mexico (Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, and Eastern Sonora and Sinaloa) they raise cattle. The beef from this region of the earth is some of the most famous beef there is. They have many dishes made from beef and the best beef jerky you’ll ever taste! In Central Mexico, there are lots of farms, so turkey and chicken is the main staple with corn, tomatoes and squash being the main veggies. When you get to southern Mexico, all the Aztec flavors come to life: maize, corn, rare chiles, beans, and squash.

As you can see, traditional Mexican food types differ depending on who you ask and where they’re from!

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