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Mexican Food Gorditas History

True Mexican gorditas are nothing like what Taco Bell serves up. Gorditas have been in Mexican food history since it was recorded. Gorditas are thick tortillas made from masa (corn flour), usually split and filled with various guisos, which are like stews or soups and casseroles. Because they are thicker, they can withstand these things like a tortilla can’t. Common fillers are chicken, nopal(cactus), carne al pastor (seasoned rotisserie pork), beans and cheese, eggs with chorizo, and picadillo (ground beef). This is a mostly lunchtime meal and of course, there are many different salsas served alongside.

In Northern Mexico, particularly Durango, gorditas are more commonly made from wheat flour and look more like pita bread than their cousins to the south that are more like thick tortillas. The dough is just like the dough they use for flour tortillas. They are cooked on a comal (a griddle) with a hot piece of metal placed on top that resembles an iron. The gordita fills up with steam and a small slit is cut into one side where it can be filled with guisos.

You can make your own gorditas, too! Just buy the pre made gorditas in the Mexican section of the grocery store, heat them up and fill them with things. My favorite is chicken with green chiles and cheese. Sautйed mushrooms and cheese is good, also. You could even use leftover beef stew or a casserole, too. Find more gordita recipes right here on Mex Adventure!

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