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Mexico States

Discover the wonders of the states of Mexico

If one looks at a map of Mexican states, one will find that Mexico is a large country in North America which is divided into 31 Mexican states and one federal district. Many will refer to Mexico as having 32 states, because they are including the Federal district as a state. However, the Federal district is not a Mexican state. There was a recent change in the constitution of the country that made Mexico City part of the Federal District which is not considered a state. The Federal District encompasses the area around Mexico City, and it is where the National Government of the country is situated.

In their entirety, the 31 states and the Federal District area equal what is known as federal entities. The 31 Mexican states are free and autonomous, with their own independence from each other. Each of the Mexican states have the inherent right to maintain their own constitution. There are some limitations to certain authorities within this constitution. One of the big limitations is that Mexican states cannot create an alliance or a union with any of the other states in Mexico, they must remain sovereign.

When analyzing the political make up of a state, one will notice that each of the Mexican states have an internal government with a congressional system that includes a built in separation of power. There is an executive branch that is headed by a Governor. The Mexican states also have a legislative branch that includes a congress. Finally, a judicial branch completes the separation of powers and is headed by a justice of the courts. Each of the different branches operate independently of each other.

The size on the Map of Mexican states does not equate to each of the states representation within the National Government. The Mexican states are represented in the National Government by three senators. Two of the senators are elected through a vote from the citizens of that particular state. The third senator is assigned.

In closing, Here are a few interesting facts on some of the different states within Mexico. The largest state based on total area or size is called Chihuahua. What is interesting is that Chihuahua is ranked number 10 in state population, despite the fact that it has the largest size in the way of area. The state of Sonora is number 2 in total area, and the population of Sonora is 18 out of a total of 31 states. On the flip side, the Mexican state of Puebla is ranked number 4 in the population however Puebla drops all the way down to number 21 out of 31 when one looks at the size of Puebla in area. The Mexican state of Guanajuato is very similar to Puebla. Guanajuato has a state population rank of 5 out of 31, yet its total area dips to number 22 out of a total of 31. The Federal district has probably the most alarming stat of them all. The Federal district is last in size, however it carries a population that ranks number 2 overall with 8.7 million people.

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